Vaginal Tightening

The widening of the vagina is a problem that most women face, and it is undoubtedly an annoying and sometimes embarrassing problem The widening of the vagina causes problems in the intercourse and discomfort during the marital relationship and may be a source of intercourse disorder Vaginal dilation cases are caused by:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth

  • Aging

  • Weight change

If you're having vaginal dilation, hurry up to book your session, why?  When you ignore the problem of vaginal dilation over time this leads to a vaginal fall which gives a feeling of heaviness or pull in the pelvic area, pain during intercourse, sensation of something that comes out of the vagina, pain in the lower back, some women describe a feeling, as if sitting on a ball How do I treat vaginal dilation and avoid vaginal falls?

  • Surgery: You need hospital admission - anesthesia - surgical scalpel and sutures - complications of surgery during or after the operation - a long recovery period to avoid marital relationship a month and a half.

The advantages of surgery, one Session.

  • Laser: No need for surgery, without anesthesia, without hospitalization laser treats as well Vaginal dryness Vaginal relaxation Urinary incontinence Recurrent vaginal infections Vaginal falls.

It's RECOMMENDED To have 3 sessions on average to get the best result possible.

Disclaimer: Results & Sessions Vary From One Person To Another

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