Face Lifting Using Laser

Laser face lift is one of the effective measures to remove facial and skin wrinkles for a brighter look, as it is able to give you a younger look. With age, the skin begins to lose part of its beauty as a result of affecting the collagen that the skin produces naturally. It also affects the elastic fibers present in the skin. The skin begins to lose its elasticity, and wrinkles begin to appear, which appear as a result of a number of reasons: -

Aging, with each passing year the skin begins to gradually lose its elasticity.

UV exposure.

Laser face lift is an alternative to surgery, the results of which appear quickly, as a source of laser beam is used to tighten the skin, by heating the collagen below the surface of the epidermis.

Also, laser face lift helps increase collagen levels in the face, and stimulates the absorption of collagen from other areas, so you begin to notice the difference in skin smoothness and radiance after the session, and is considered appropriate and effective for all skin types.

Work is done on the area to be treated for 3-4 sessions in order to obtain optimal results. A noticeable change in facial skin is noticed soon after, but it may take a few weeks to get the optimum results after each session, as the face lift stimulates collagen and increases its production rates inside the skin.

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